About Us

Bon Accord Africa was launched in the year 1999 and operates from its offices in Milnerton , Cape Town, South Africa.

Bon Accord Africa was started in the same period when the Government introduced BEE in South Africa , thus the reason the owners pride themselves as being one of the first approved BEE suppliers at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

From humble beginnings, the Company has moved to larger premises in Milnerton, and has subsequently concluded major Distributor Agreements with International OEM's.

This has enabled the Company to facilitate a greater variety of Nuclear Safety Approved products in their Portfolio.

Business Profile

Since its founding in South Africa in 1999 , Bon Accord Africa has strived to become the Leading BEE Supplier to the Nuclear and Petro Chemical Industries in South Africa.
Its main objective is to supply OEM Products that already has the Safety Approval of Nuclear Power Stations World Wide.

The members has recently attended the 1st “World Nuclear Exhibition “ in France, and was very excited to be part of this global event. They were invited to be a part of the Governments DTI ‘Nuclear New Built” delegation missions to France, Russia and the USA with a final mission to China scheduled in 2015.

Key Processes

To embrace the technological advances in Industry that will assist Bon Accord Africa in acquiring all the latest information and developments with regards to new and innovative products in the market.

To maintain the high standards that their Customers are familiar with by means of Implementation of ISO 9001 in early 2015

Managing Members

Brian Gorridon
Johan Terblanche